Design by SingSingRabbit For iPhone 7/8 Plus

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Design by: SingSingRabbit

For iPhone 7/8 Plus

Sigema亚洲艺术家[SINGSING]系列作品_Armour(For iPhone7 Plus),适用于iPhone7 Plus



Illustrator Tim Hui has been UNDERTHEPILLOWLTD’ s chief designer of Sing Sing Rabbit since 2014. His talent was shownthrough his multi diverse artwork mostly seen in the form of creative products,online stickers and stories of Sing Sing Rabbit. His work of Sing Sing Rabbit’scomic was published in <Milk Magazine> and has gained popularity. Timhopes to bring out the delightful dreams of Sing Sing Rabbit by combining hericonic fluffy shape with cheerful colors, funny postures and positive messagea.

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