Design by Mr.Giraffe For iPhoneX

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Design by: Mr.Giraffe

For iPhoneX

Sigema亚洲艺术家[长颈鹿先生]系列作品_Armour(For iPhoneX) MG-11-1正品,适用于iPhoneX


Mr.Giraffe live in a busy place “Tokyo”, He workingin “Ueno Park and Zoo”, is Aoffice worker.However. live in the busy city, boring life day by day for work, it is easy toget lost to forget the essence of life. But he knows how to enjoy a leisurely fromthe dreary life, looking for a little fun. Learning from the pleasures, todistance himself from the troubles, relaxed life. This is the special thingfrom Mr. Giraffe.

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