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Design by: Pandahaluha

For iPhone 7/8 Plus

Sigema亚洲艺术家[笨达哈鲁哈]系列作品_Armour(For iPhone7 Plus)PH-54-1正品,适用于iPhone 7/8 Plus


Ricky Wu is a Hong Kong designer and illustrator who has over 10 year’s experiences of graphics and characters designs, like brochure printing designs, advertisement designs, illustrating children’s books, publication of multi-media, designing exhibition’s booths, toys and packaging. He creates a wonderful world using the panda that he likes most named Pandahaluha. He hopes Pandahaluha can bring happiness to this world and make this boring city life have a little bit more laughter. In Pandahaluha’s world, there is no limitation for creativity. Nothing is impossible. Imagination can make everything possible. Therefore, the aim of Pandahaluha’s world is freedom.

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